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            OUR CONFIDENTIALITY PLEDGE TO YOU Seraph hereby agrees and covenants that any and all information provided in this Application shall be utilized by Seraph solely for the purpose of adjudicating and determining the outcome of any and all award or recognition programs to be administered, adjudicated, and/or presided over, and/or provided by Seraph, including in order to determine the eligibility for issuance of awards or recognitions to those companies who have been nominated or who have applied for consideration for any and all such awards or recognitions in any award or recognition program administered by Seraph. No documentation or information provided to Seraph from or on behalf of Applicant for purposes of participating in or being considered for recognition in any such program, including within this application, shall be utilized for any other purpose than stated above, and all such information shall be held strictly confidential, in accordance with the terms and conditions of Seraph’s Warranty of Confidentiality relating to its administration of the herein contest and award and recognition program or any other similar program it may administer, a copy of which Warranty of Confidentiality can be found at this link.

Our Judges' NDAs are here.


Thomas Kowal

President of Seraph Consulting

Jan 17, 2023