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Welcome! Submitting this online application is the first round of the 2023 Operational Excellence Awards. A complete overview of the awards selection process is at the bottom of this page.

Online Application Instructions

This application process has two phases, "Preliminary Information" and "Supplier Questionnaire." Instructions for this workflow are outlined below. Following the application process, 8 applicants will be selected for onsite evaluations to determine the finalists. 


Estimated time: 10 minutes

  1. Begin your application by clicking "Start Application."
  2. Add collaborators: Most applicants find it easier to delegate each section of this online assessment to the various department heads. As the Applicant Owner, we recommend you invite the necessary team members by selecting the ‘Manage Collaborators’ button to the upper right of the application. You can also share your login if that method is preferred.

    Each collaborator that you have added will receive an email notifying them you have added them as a collaborator. They will then be prompted to create a username and password.

    Please note: Only one collaborator can be working within the assessment at any given time. Changes will not be saved should multiple users be adding information to the assessment at the same time.
  3. Complete the "Preliminary Information" form: As the Applicant Owner, you must complete the company profile and click "Save and Finalize" to submit.
  4. The Seraph team will review submissions within 24 hours to confirm that your facility falls within our awards requirements of being an automotive supplier based in North America. You will then receive an email prompting you to the "Supplier Questionnaire" portion of the application.

    Please note: As the Account Owner, once you receive this email, you must alert your team that they can fill in the appropriate sections assigned to each collaborator.

Supplier Questionnaire:

Estimated time: 50 minutes total

Please note: When filling out the Supplier Questionnaire, please click "Save and Next" to proceed to the next step. If at any point you would like to save your application and return later, you can click "Save" at the bottom. The application does autosave, but we recommend clicking Save when you are ready to log out to prevent the loss of any work.

  1. Open the application: Navigate to "My Applications" using the menu on the left hand of the screen. Select the "Supplier Questionnaire" application and click "Edit," this will bring you to the Supplier Questionnaire, which consists of four sections - HR, Operations, Logistics and Quality.
  2. Complete the Application: Each collaborator should fill in the required fields on each page, clicking "Save and Next" at the bottom to navigate between each page. Each section should take no more than 15 minutes.  

    Please note: collaborators should not work on the application simultaneously to avoid losing their work.
  3. Submit Application: Once all sections are complete, the Application Owner should review each section and click "Save and Finalize" to submit.

    Please note: A pop-up will appear letting you know all entries will be final once the application is submitted and cannot be edited.
  4. The Seraph Operational Excellence Awards judging panel will review all submissions and notify the finalists by mid-March of those organizations selected to receive the 2-day onsite assessments.

    For a full process overview see below.

Need assistance? Please contact awards@seraph.com

What to Expect: an Overview of the Selection Process



  1. Applicants will pre-register on the Seraph Operational Excellence Awards website.
  2. Once the pre-registration has been approved, applicants will receive a welcome email with a link to the online Supplier Questionnaire.
  3. The answers provided on this questionnaire will be scored, and the eight participants who score the highest will be our finalists to move onto the 2-day onsite assessment.

►Mid - Late March



The eight organizations that received the highest scores from Round One will receive a no-cost 2-day on-site assessment performed by a team of Seraph Engagement Managers.

This assessment will measure criteria like customer satisfaction, environment safety, inventory WIP level, equipment tooling state maintenance, and more.

►Late March - Mid May



The Seraph Operational Excellence Awards panel of judges will review findings from the plant assessment to select the top five category winners.

►Late May



A celebration to recognize the 5 category winners and network with other leaders pushing the industry forward. You can find the latest details & register here.

Please note: All winners will receive complimentary admission codes for thier team. 

►June 19, 2023

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