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Dear Applicant,

Seraph is embarking upon an exciting initiative driven by our passion for automotive manufacturing by launching the 2023 Operational Excellence Awards. This is a continent-wide search to recognize the best of the best. The Seraph Operational Excellence Awards will bring our industry together to reward and celebrate manufacturing excellence. Along with an esteemed panel of judges, we will award (5) manufacturing categories: operations, human resources, logistics, quality, and overall best automotive supplier. In applying for these awards, please utilize the operations performance metrics that your top manufacturing plant is achieving and setting the standards of success at your organization.

Why we developed the Operational Excellence Awards

In 2009, the economy had hit rock bottom. There were few jobs available around Detroit and a lot of work had gone overseas. During that time, I had the opportunity to launch the Brose Jefferson Plant. It is through this experience that I was able to truly understand “my why” and I shared that vision with the factory team. The goal was to become an extremely efficient operation, with exceptional quality, remarkable operations, strong employee morale, and high profitability. We wanted to show that Detroit could be competitive.

This is the same shared vision we have for creating the Seraph Operational Excellence Awards. We want manufacturing in the US and North America to continue to expand. Globalization has changed, and more risk has entered the supply chain. Achieving operational excellence is not only a matter of pride, but one of security. To do this, we need to continuously improve and find “model areas” and develop best practices in the industry. This is about more than just improving our industry but also helping ensure a prosperours, safe future for our family and neighbors.

Please join us in launching the Seraph Operational Excellence Awards. 

Together, let us make this an industry event to be celebrated and remembered. 

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Thomas Kowal

President of Seraph Consulting